TrailO STAGE - TempO - VARAŽDIN 12.06.2016.


MAP: Most Bana Jelačića 1: 5 000, E=2.5m, 2011. (renewed in 2016.)
TERRAIN: Urban terrain and urban park - path
CLASSES: E (all competitors have same tasks), for Croatian Cup points will be given according to entries
START LIST: No start list
COURSE DESIGNER: Jasminka Cindrić Perković and Dalibor Perković
FIRST START: 14:00, according to the organizer's instructions at the competition center
ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Additional entries can be up to 13:00 on finish area.
EMBARGO: It is forbidden to enter the competition area - moving along the course before competition.  In case of violation of the prohibition organizer reserves the right of suspension.
FINISH: After finishing the course, competitors will give the cotrol card to the organisers
CLEANLINESS: Please dispose trash in placed bags.
WC: At finish area will be restoran with toilets.



The course consists of
-       7 control stations with 4 tasks on each station
-       6 flags (ALPHA; BRAVO; CHARLIE; DELTA; ECHO; FOXTROT) at each station

Model event will be available at competition center.

ZERO/Z answers are possible (if none of the flags are at the correct position):


· At each station the competitor will receive the maps with tasks. Control official will announce number of flags and tasks: "There are five/six flags: ALPHA - BRAVO - CHARLIE - DELTA - ECHO - FOXTROT"  and start the clock, "Time starts NOW!" Only then may the competitor look at the map and start solving the tasks in a designated order. It is not allowed to move on to the next task without answering the previous one. Overall time needed to solve all tasks at the station is recorded.

· The control official will warn the competitor 20 seconds before the time limit for that station expires. The competitor must give clear answers using phonetic alphabet (Alpha - Bravo - ...) OR show the letter. Answers and overall time will be written on the control card. Competitors are advised to check the written answers before leaving the station. Late complaints will not be considered.

· After leaving the station, competitors will continue moving along the course, according to organizer instructions, until reaching the next STOP sign and wait there untill called

Please do not interfere with competitors who are still in the competition, esspecially those who are solving the tasks at that moment.


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