1. What is my course length and difficulty?

In this PDF document you can find estimated winning times for each class. And here are some notes about course difficulty (exact length, rises and number of controls will be announced later):

1  - The most demanding courses, with no restrictions.

2  - Technicaly difficult courses that avoid steepest slopes.
3  - Moderately difficult courses that require good orienteering ability, using contour details and sections without paths and linear features.
4  - Technicaly easy courses that can include simple sections outside of paths and linear features, but controls are within 25 m from them.
5  - Beginner courses, 1-2 km long, following paths and linear features (fences and similar).
Controls are at crossroads or details right next to the paths. Strings and markers (smiley faces) are included, (except in town).

Open Short – like M14.

Open  Long - like W45.

2. Will there be an official shirts?

We will make T-shirts with TLO 2016 theme. T-shirt will be available at price of 6€ (45kn).


3. We would like to arrive on Friday. Is it possible?

If you want to use the accommodation on Friday, please write us e-mail. .  Position of accomodation is marked in  EVENT CENTER AND ACCOMMODATION section.

4. Only for Croatian competitors: Kako će se bodovati kategorije na natjecanju?


Pripazite kod prijava.

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