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Saturday, 14 May 2016



23.05. For their their stay in Varaždinske Toplice, we have prepaired a modest programme for the competitors. It  includes a visit to the local museum, the Roman thermae and also access to a swimming pool. The visit to the museum will be organised, details are to follow.

We ask the competitors to sign up for these activities at the same web pages where they sign up for the competition. (see entry form in oonline)

The activities will take place between long stage and night sprint on Saturday.

All competitors will have a free meal in the finish area on Saturday and Sunday.

We also ask the competitors who will sleep in the school sports hall to sign up.

(see entry form in oonline)

We thank the city of Varaždinske Toplice, the Tourist board of Varaždinske Toplice and the Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Minerva for these gifts.

We also thank the Nimpha cake shop in Varaždinske Toplice for treating our youngest contestants with ice-cream.

14.05. Competitors are advised to use repellents (or use other methods) to avoid tick and mosquito bites and also to check themselves after competition for ticks (some are quite tiny).

Natjecateljima se savjetuje da koriste repelente (ili druge njima prihvatljive metode) kako bi izbjegli ugrize komaraca i krpelja te da se nakon natjecanja dobro pregledaju od krpelja (ima ih i neki su jako sitni). 

IN FAQ page you can find some usefull INFOs

14.05. ID card for competitors:

With paying entry fee for event competitors are free to:
- Use a camp (in school yard)
- Sleep at school - Hall (showers and toilets)
- Swim in the spa pools in saturday
- Use the parking lot at all competition areas
- Eat a meal on Saturday and Sunday on finish area.

14.05. - Pages are online, some parts are still under construction

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